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Wall & Floor Tiling

Learn More About Our Wall & Floor Tiling Services.

Professional Floor & Wall Tiling Service

As Tiling is our foundation we encompass all forms of wall and floor tiling. Including full main floors, alfresco, pool tiling and feature tile work. We pride ourselves on our expertise to deliver a fantastic finish every time.

Stone, Marble & Granite Specialists

Natural Stone is the sure way for achieving that Luxury look.

Natural Stones Specialists

Natural stone is becoming increasingly popular in bathroom renovation. This has a very high-end finish and can instantly give the bathroom a feel of warmth and value. Different natural stones include Marble, granite, travertine, sandstone, bluestone and limestone. The most popular of these being travertine.
Travertine generally is showcased and greys, browns and cream textures with beautiful natural veins running through.

Bedding & Levelling

Bedding is a mixture of concrete and sand mixed together to create falls and lift bathrooms levels or floors ready to tile.

Bedding & Leveling Experts

Bedding shares a lot of similarities to concreting but is performed by professional tilers generally in bathroom applications.
Bedding and levelling is something we pride ourselves on. From getting our desired falls in bathrooms with out pooling to levelling a floor for tiling. We take all our years of expertise into every application.

Rectified or Porcelain Specialist

Learn More About Rectified and Porcelain Tiles

Rectified and Porcelain Specialist

Rectified tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles that have been precisely ground and machined to give them near-perfect straight edges and exact dimensions. These tiles provide a very clean, symmetrical look, and allow for extremely fine grout lines of 3mm or less.


Find out more about how waterproofing and tiling are done to ensure that they meet the relevant Australian Standards.

Fully Licensed Waterproofers

Waterproofing is a curial component to every bathroom and wet area. We are fully licensed water proofers and can deliver the required government form 16 upon completion. We only use high quality materials backed by full Manufactures guaranty